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Reversing and Parking your Caravan

When you arrive at the campsite you may need to reverse your caravan to park. We’ve got a few tips to help you:

Move the car slowly and carefully and make sure you can see around the caravan or have a helper to direct you into position… and don’t forget to disengage the reversing brake!When reversing using your mirrors turn the wheel in the opposite direction to the way you want the caravan to go. When reversing look over your right shoulder put your left hand at the bottom of the steering wheel and turn it in the direction you want your caravan to go.

Chock, Level And Lock
When you’ve parked, you need to chock your wheels. This helps to secure them and to get your caravan level on uneven ground. When you’ve secuely parked and engaged the handbrake, you can raise the caravan with the crank handle until the coupler lifts off the hitch ball. Remember to raise the lock and handle to release the coupler. After you’ve moved the car out of the way you can adjust the height of the caravan to keep it level using a carpenters spirit level.. Finally, attach the wheel lock and enjoy your time at the campsite.