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Beginner’s Guide to Towing your Caravan

If you’re new to caravanning or a bit nervous about towing, we’ve pulled together some caravan towing hints and tips including how to handle reversing, something many people have difficulties with.

Towing Weights
First of all what you need to do is find out the weight of your caravan. Then you need to add your estimated cargo weight to give you your total towing weight. Then simply look at your car’s manual or contact the car dealer to find out hot much weight your vehicle can tow.

Hitching Up
Most caravans have a trailer hitch, crank wheel, electric hook up, coupler, latch and lock, safety chains and handbrake at the front. Make sure you do your research on all of these before attempting to hitch your caravan.
Line up the hitch ball on your vehicle with the coupler on the caravan. Then its just a matter of lowering the caravan by turning the crank handle. Raise the handle to unlock the coupler and let the ball move into position.

Caravan towing tips
You will know when your car is attached to the caravan as when you try to lift it up again the car will come with it. If you’re having difficulty attaching the caravan then hop up and down on it to make sure it’s fitted properly.
Once attached, make sure the lock is secure above the coupler and fix the safety chain. Then you need to plug the electrics in and do checks with the lights and load position on the road.
This is quite important as you might lose part of it on a bumpy road if its running too low at the back!

Towing final checks lights
Keep in mind that when you are manoeuvring the caravan by hand into position to hitch it up, the smallest bumps and holes in the road surface can make it move forwards rapidly.

On The Road
In most cases a caravan is wider than the vehicle pulling it so add extra mirrors to ensure you can see everything. Also make sure you know the dimensions of your caravan when driving through tight spaces. You don’t want it getting stuck!
When driving on the road you should take corners wider than normal making sure your caravan doesn’t hit the kerb or other obstructions at the side of the road.