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Affiliates and Introducers

If your business is related to the caravan industry then we can offer you an opportunity to earn additional income by introducing our comparative quote facilities to your customers.

Typical businesses that can benefit from our scheme include:

  • Caravan Dealers
  • Caravan Repairers
  • Caravan Storage sites
  • Caravan Parks
  • Caravan Clubs

Alternatively, if you operate a caravan related website that attracts significant volumes of visitors then you can also benefit by linking to our website using one of a range of advertising banners on your website.

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Caravan Affiliate/Introducer FAQs
  1. Do I need to be FSA (Financial Services Authority) regulated to become an affiliate?

    No. However, in line with FSA regulations affiliates must not provide advice to the customer but simply have the information on display and introduce potential clients to us.

  2. Do I need to generate a minimum amount of commission each month?

    There is no minimum business amount. Commission that you generate will be sent to you in the form of a cheque when the amount of commission earned exceeds £50.

  3. How often will I get paid?

    Commission due is calculated at the end of each month taking in to account any previously accumulated commissions. Each affiliate/ introducer subsequently receives payment in the form of a cheque where the commission earned exceeds £50.

  4. How do you track which business was generated by us?

    You are allocated with a dedicated page on our website which has a unique trackable link to our quote facilities that identifies you as the introducer. All you need to do is distribute our leaflets (supplied free of charge) which include a link to your dedicated page and/or provide a link to the page on your website (click here to view available banners). As soon as a quote record is created by a client that has originated from your dedicated page they are automatically recorded on our system that identifies you as the originator of the business.

  5. How do I proceed?

    When you register online you will be sent details on how to proceed including details of the link to your dedicated page.

  6. How much does it cost to join?

    The My Caravan Insurance affiliate/introducer program is completely free to join and all leaflets and website banners are supplied free of charge.

  7. Why should I introduce business to My Caravan Insurance?

    There are many reasons for introducing business to my Caravan Insurance that benefit both you and your customers:

    • Comparative quotes offered from leading insurers including Towergate, NIG, IGI and K Drewe
    • Quotes for all makes of caravan
    • Quotes for all occupations
    • Wide range of storage locations and discounts for CaSSOA sites
    • Wide range of security discounts
    • Discounts for club membership
    • Discounts for older drivers
    • Substantial No Claims Discounts
    • Variable excess option

Because we provide quotes from leading caravan insurers, our online comparative quote facilities provide customers with a truly one stop shop for their insurance and you benefit from:

  • Market leading introducer commissions
  • High conversion rates due to our competitive panel offering and wide acceptance criteria
  • Overall higher income than could be achieved from other single insurer insurance schemes

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